High Speed Wireless Internet

Introducing Wireless High Speed Broadband

Can’t get DSL through your phone line? Not happy with satellite internet Service? Then we have High Speed Wireless Broadband using ground based radios to connect your home or business to our towers. No phone lines needed. We service all of Sonoma, and most of Mendocino, Napa and Marin County.

Using the latest technology, you can now get an always-on high speed internet connection that is delivered to your home or office without wires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: How fast will my connection be?
A: CDS Wireless residential service will provide an equivalent speed to typical Wire DSL circuit. However, we have the ability to increase your speed without any equipment changes if you find that you need it. Our typical Commercial service provides a greater upload speed that most residential customer would not need.

2) Q: Can I connect more than one computer?
A: Yes, you may connect as many computers as you wish. Our staff is ready to assist you with networking your computer within your home or business

3) Q: Is ther a limit to how much I can use the service or is there a limit to the amount of file downloads?
A: No. CDS provides true unlimited use of the Internet.

4) Q: Do I get email services?
A: Yes, 10 email accounts are included with the service pack. You may also use other services such as “Hotmail”, “AOL”, etc, but they are not necessary because CDS provides a full email package.

5) Q: Will I still be able to access my “AOL” account if I elect to keep it?
A: Yes, all other services are still accessible.

6): Q: Do I need to have a phone line connection for this service?
A: No. You may remove your second phone line fi you desire and save that additional expense.

7): Q How secure is the connections?
A: The wireless equipment provides 128bit encryption that is also used in the wire environment called “WEP” (Wire Equivalent Protection). In additon, the Motorola Wireless equipment that we use has its own built in protection and is using the 5ghz, 2.4ghz and 900mhz frequency with the latest technology to ensure security.

8) Q: Can I get a static IP address if I want one?
A: Yes. CDS can provide you with a static IP if needed.

9) Q: Do I get any web space for my home page or Domain?
A: Yes. 50 Meg of web space is included.

10) Q: How does this compare with DSL or other services?
A: CDS Wireless can provide service in many locations that currently are not offering DSL and in addition, CDS Wireless can provide a speed and service package that better fits your needs. The equipment is capable of delivering services and speeds that exceed any DSL service.

11) Q: How much does it cost?
A: CDS Wireless pricing can vary based on your needs but typical residential service is completitive to DSL Services

12) Q: If I have a problem with my service, whom do I call?
A: CDS Wireless and CDS Enterprised completely control all of the circuits. All customer service comes directly from us.

13) Q: What happens if a piece of equipment fails?
A: CDS Wireless owns and maintains all of your equipment. If a piece of equipment fails under normal operation, CDS replaces the equipment at no charge to you.

14) Q: How long have you been in business?
A: CDS Enterprises has been providing Internet services since 1995.

15) Q: How big is the piece of equipment and the antennas that you install?
A: The equipment is comprised of a tiny plastic enclosure that is 11 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It is attached to the outside of your home in line with our access point. One cable is connected to it and is sent directly to your computer. That is the entire amount of equipment needed. Your computer needs to have a Network Interface Card (NIC). If your computer does not have one, please let us know at the time of installation so we can provide you with one