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    Incoming = POP3 =
    Outgoing = SMTP
  3. DNS = Server Assigned

Configuring Outlook Express

1) Launch Outlook Express.
2) Use the Internet Connection Wizard to configure Outlook Express.
If this is the first time you run Outlook Express, the Internet Connection Wizard should automatically start.
If this is the case, skip to step 7.
3) To start the Internet Connection Wizard, click on tools in Outlook Express.
4) Choose Accounts.
5) Choose the Mail tab and Click Add.

set up

6) Click Mail in the pop-up menu.
7) Type the name you would like to appear in the From field of all email you send.

set up
8) Click Next.
9) Enter your email address in the space provided.

Set Up
10) Click Next.
11) Choose POP3 from the drop down menu for server type.
12) Enter in the other two spaces in this window if you are using a CDS Dial-up account. (If you are using a different account to access the internet you may need to enter a different address for your “Outgoing Mail. This information is usually available from the ISP establishing your connection.)

Set Up

13) Click Next.
14) Click the top radial button.
15) Enter your username in the POP accout name: space.
16) Enter your password in the Password: space.
17) Take your time and make sure your spelling is correct.

Set Up

18) Click Next.
19) Enter whatever you want your email account to be called in the space provided.

Set Up
20) Click Next.
21) Choose the button next to: Connect using my phone line.
22) Click Next.
23) Choose the button next to: Use an existing dial-up connection.

Set Up
24) Highlight your CDS connection
25) Click Next.
26) Click Finish.
27) If you’ve been using another e-mail product, Outlook Express will ask if you want to import your data from that client to Outlook Express. The information will still be available for your previous program if you want to use both products.
28) Open Outlook Express.
29) Click the Inbox icon. If you are using Outlook Express for the first time, the Migration wizard will appear.
30) Select to import both your existing messages and address book entries.
31) Answer the rest of the questions in the wizard.
32) You are now ready to receive and send email using Outlook Express.